Importers Assorted Value Pack Capsules

Importers Assorted Value Pack Capsules

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Importers Assorted Value Pack Capsules

The Importers Coffee Variety Special comes with 4 delicious blends (10 of each) in one selection.

Includes a total of 40 Nespresso and Caffeluxe compatible coffee capsules. Elevated foil fresh technology.

Flavour Profiles:

  • Venice: Lightly roasted easy drinking espresso with hints of fruity flavours blended with a smooth rich almond aftertaste.
  • Mocha Java: An aromatic, full bodied coffee with a sweet which chocolate smoothness and lovely flavours of heavy ripe berries.
  • Roma: A rich, smooth and full bodied espresso, a shot of bold coffee greatness with hints of chocolaty after tones.
  • Milano: An intense chocolaty shot of espresso. Superbly rich and full bodied with a smooth velvety mouth coating finish.